Karen & Dawn
Karen & Dawn

In November 2012, Karen Nickel started the West Lake Landfill Facebook group. The goal was to educate the community about the potential hazards and health risks surrounding the West Lake Landfill.  Shortly after, Karen met Dawn Chapman and Beth Strohmeyer who jumped on board.  Together, they founded the non-profit organization, Just Moms STL in March of 2013.

Fighting the Toxic Nightmare Next Door

Bloomberg Business Week
by Susan Berfield

Just Moms STL Awards AWARDS
2018 Whistle Blowers Award
April 2018
The main award went to Dawn Chapman and Karen Nickel, co-founders of #Just Moms, a group campaigning for the cleanup of the West Lake Landfill.  Longtime environmental activist Kay Drey presented the award.

Missouri House of Representatives Resolution
Signed by Missouri Speaker of the House Timothy W. Jones
March 12, 2014

R. Roger Pryor Citizen Activist Award
from Missouri Coalition for the Environment

Commemorative National Day of Remembrance for
Atomic Workers

Replica Lapel Pin presented to Just Moms STL
October 30, 2013

Group Photo at Lois Gibbs Teach In October 4th 2014 at the Graphic Arts Center
Just Moms STL Group Photo taken at the “Teach In” with Guest Speaker Lois Gibbs, 10/04/2014. Missing are many volunteers getting refreshments at photo time.