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Weldon Spring is one of the original Manhattan Project Locations that processed uranium for Mallinckrodt Chemical Works from the 1950‘s through the 1960’s. The surrounding community was found to have been contaminated with ionizing radiation in the 1980’s. Remediation activities were initiated, resulting in a 42 acre site that contains 1.5 million cubic yards of radiotoxic materials. Once contaminants are identified in community water sources, the potential for long-term health effects from exposure to chronic low level ionizing radiation through ingestion increases dramatically. Uranium has a half- life of 4.5 billion years and actually becomes “hotter” over that time period! Ingestion occurs when ground water becomes contaminated, leaches into fertile soil and is taken up into local vegetation. This can then be ingested in several ways humans… by eating fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables, eating small game, farm animals or dairy products that have ingested contamination. Ingested radio-toxic substances seek out bone and soft tissue, and mutate DNA. Radiation builds up in the body over time.
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