West Lake Landfill Protest

What on Earth is Going on at  West Lake Landfill?

When odors from the neighboring Bridgeton Landfill became so intense, residents began making calls. What they unearthed was shocking! They learned that the adjacent West Lake Landfill houses massive amounts of illegally dumped nuclear weapons waste from the Manhattan Project, the U.S. – the secret U.S. military program created in 1942 to develop the atomic bomb. The landfill is not designed to safely house nuclear waste. It is unlined, in a floodplain, and close to heavily populated areas.

Diagram of West Lake and Bridgeton Landfills
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And to make matters worse, there is currently a huge subsurface smoldering fire in the adjacent Bridgeton Landfill that is moving towards the nuclear waste in the West Lake Landfill. Never before has there been a situation like this. Experts are unsure what exactly will happen when the fire reaches the nuclear waste. Some predict a catastrophic event with the fire reaching the nuclear waste and producing smoke laced with nuclear particles that could spread across the region.

Homeowners and business owners feel betrayed that they were not made aware of this situation by government and city officials, or by the landfill owners – Republic Services. Their health is in jeopardy and their property values are at risk. And the uncertainty of it all is exhausting. Nothing yet has been done yet to remedy the situation.

Vexed Reactions To Republic Services Handling of West Lake Landfill
Vexed Reactions To Republic Services Handling of West Lake Landfill

Watch this video to better understand the gravity of this.

Please join Just Moms STL in our mission to obtain a “safe and permanent solution” for this serious issue. Read through the pages on this site to learn more. Visit the How to Help pages. This truly affects us all.
Protestors Unite


U.S. Senator Roy Blunt
February 02, 2016


St. Louis, MO, November 19, 2015– Senator Blunt (R) and Congresswoman Wagner (R) introduced legislation today to appoint the Army Corps of Engineers (Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program – FUSRAP) as the lead jurisdictional agency to handle the unauthorized dumping of radioactive wastes at the West Lake Landfill in 1973. Cosponsoring the legislation is Senator McCaskill (D) and Congressman Clay (D) with as well as bipartisan support from legislators around the country.

“It was clear in May when head of the EPA, Gina McCarthy, refused to meet with Just Moms STL even after a bipartisan letter was written requesting such meeting, that EPA’s main focus remained on Public Relations rather than on being an advocate for our children.” Says Dawn Chapman of Just Moms STL.

It is now more clear than ever that the expertise and experience that the Army Corp of Engineers have regarding the cleanup of Manhattan Project waste is needed and deserved. Just Moms STL is confident and welcomes the Army Corp of Engineers FUSRAP to this site.

“While we see this as a victory, we still have families living within one mile of this dangerous site, we still have radioactive trees offsite and we still have an out-of-control burning Superfund site/landfill with very hazardous materials. Our community needs to be restored, the EPA has the power to move the people out of harm’s way today but has failed to do so.” Says Karen Nickel of Just Moms STL.

As moms of this community, Just Moms STL will continue in the pursuit to obtain the safest and most permanent solution to the West Lake Landfill. We look forward to a quick and accurate resolution. Just Moms STL wants to thank the federal and congressional leaders for taking appropriate action in calling for the move to FUSRAP. A big thanks also goes out to our many supporters abroad, CHEJ (Center for Health, Environment and Justice) and the International Fellowship of Teamsters to name a few.


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