Our Mission

1. The Safe and Permanent Solution for the Radioactive Waste at  West Lake Landfill

2. Voluntary Buy Out of all Residents 1 Mile from the Landfill

3. Property Assurance for 5 Miles from the Landfill

Mission copy

Our mission is to bring awareness to the radioactive material that is interspersed throughout the St Louis Metropolitan area, and areas that have been deeply affected by these materials.

Our goal is not to create panic, but rather to inform and educate people on the issues at hand.  A panicked people will often react poorly and unpredictably.  We want an educated majority.  People who can make well informed decisions, based off of the logic, and facts of the situation.

We want to be able to bring the information of our situation to any and all comers, be it governmental, corporate or personal.  We want to be able to put together a plan that will be considered a win for everyone, after all, we all have to live with the outcome of this situation.

We want to make sure that any person who comes to this site is able to eventually answer any question they may have and calmly make a rational decision.  We don’t want to be the masses; we want to be the informed individual who becomes the community.

We are a collection of groups with a common goal: the safe and permanent solution to the harmful materials in our Communities. Coldwater Creek and West Lake Landfill are two of the communities currently working together along with all of our supporters to make this happen.

Protestors Unite

Just Moms STL protest in Washington DC on February 8-10, 2016.

3 thoughts on “Our Mission

  1. Has anyone contacted the St Louis business community? It seems our local politians, acedemics, first responders and citizens are getting no where. Maybe if St Louis Regional Growth and Commerence, Anheuser Bush(where does the water come from for their beer?), Coca Cola, Seven-up, the St louis Cardinals, Ford, GM and Monsanto where to take part in the process of having this threat removed from our area the federal government might act…what company would move here if the threat of ionized radiation was part of the package of a St. Louis location

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