Just Moms Livestream on current status on RECA Amendment, Next Steps, Next Regional Meeting, How to contact Elected Officials and Story Survey.

Just Moms STL Livestream: August 19, 2023: Live Stream Link

Next Regional Meeting: September 11, 2023 – Where: VFW Hall 2866 – 66 VFW Lane, St. Charles, Missouri 63033 – When: 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm Directions: Link VFW Website: Link

We are having another Regional meeting Sept 11th from 5:30-7:30 right across the River. PLEASE plan on attending if you can so we can give an update on the legislation and where we are what we need. This meeting will be about all the sites and anyone impacted including workers. Dr. Denise DeGarmo is going to attend and share some new information and documents on the severity of the issue and why so many are ill. This is the time when we need you all to show up if you can and where numbers of people filling seats matters! It’s going to be a busy Fall getting this legislation through Conference and where it needs to go! See you all there, the Moms πŸ’œ

List of Missouri and Federal Officials.

MuckRock Survey: Just Moms ask you to share your Stories (Stories only!) Click here to share your story

REMEMBER: Please do not give any Medical Information, X-rays, Diagnostic information to anyone who calls to ask you for it!!

PLEASE DO NOT FILL OUT ANY SURVEY THAT ASKS FOR YOUR FORMAL MEDICAL INFORMATION OR GIVE FORMAL DOCUMENTATION/ DIAGNOSTIC IMAGES OF YOU OR A FAMILY MEMBERS ILLNESSES! This Legislation has not passed yet. When it does, we will make sure you all know where to go to apply and help guide you all for how to do that! This is NOT a class action lawsuit! Please be weary of lawyers wanting to “help” and make sure you are doing your due diligence. Your stories are important and those are fine to give. Again, just not photos/copies of x rays or any other type of formal diagnostic paperwork on letterhead documenting you or a loved one’s illnesses.

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