Remember there is power in numbers!

We are focusing on making phone calls to Senator Blunts office for the rest of this week.

EVERY DAY from 8am-4pm please call his WASHINGTON DC office. Make it a part of your daily routine!!!!

Emails are good, but 2,000 phone calls everyday will make a bigger impact!!! If you have to call before or after hours you can always leave a message.

Report back… here in a comment to this post that you have called.

Senator Blunt Washington DC Phone#: (202) 224-5721

Senator Blunt, is in the leadership of the Senate majority party as well as sits on several appropriations subcommittees, including for the environment and the military.

The best opportunity to put the Army Corps of Engineers FUSRAP in charge of the West Lake Landfill is legislatively before the end of the year.

We are beginning our outreach with him because of the reasons we just detailed and the fact the House of Representatives is focused on finding a new Speaker. Let Senator Blunt know we desperately need his help to reach our goals.

Let Senator Blunts office know that you are concerned about the dangerous West Lake/Bridgeton Landfill and we need his help TODAY!!! Tell him this is what we need to see happen immediately without delay

Residents urgently need:
1) Immediate permanent relocation for homeowners and renting families that want to move that are located within one mile of the West Lake Landfill fence line, paid for by the landfill owner, Republic Services.

2) Provide fair market value assurance for homeowners living within five miles of the West Lake Landfill ,(for five years or until the fire is out, whichever is longer), paid for by the landfill owner, Republic Services.

3) Authorize the Army Corps of Engineers FUSRAP to take charge of the cleanup. They are the most qualified government agency to provide a safe and permanent solution for the radioactive wastes, offer better protection for workers, and have a program for health care assistance for the public.

Please “share” this post with your friends….Don’t forget to report back to this post that you have called!!

Thanks “The Moms”

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