Bridgeton residents get new radiation results, 05/07/2014

by Farrah Fazal

BRIDGETON, Mo. – Some important people are now paying attention to a group of moms worried about radiation at the Bridgeton Athletic Complex.

Dawn Chapman and the other moms said the Environmental Protection Agency and the City of Bridgeton wouldn’t test the field after they came to them with concerns about radiation there.

The fields are a mile away from a landfill. The moms paid for the tests out of their own pockets and sent them to an independent laboratory in Boston called the Boston Chemical Data Group. Scientists at the lab told NewsChannel 5 children should not play on the fields until the EPA can do its advanced testing.

They said radiation was found in a baseball field, in a ditch and in the outside areas very close to the fields. The moms shared those tests with the EPA and the city Tuesday.

Both the EPA and the city are now going to do more conclusive radiation tests on May 19.

“I want more than anything for that ball field to be okay and everything to be peachy and this not to be as bad as it is, but every time we turn around, there’s something else coming out that’s saying that’s not the case. At the end of the day, as bad as that might be, people need to know about it so they can make decisions for their families.” said Chapman.

The EPA says the field is safe for children to play ball while they conduct testing. The city isn’t shutting the fields down, but several baseball tournaments gave pulled out of BMAC.

The EPA expects to get results of its tests in 30-60 days.

Attorney General Chris Koster released the following statement:
“We are pleased that the EPA has agreed to test the Bridgeton Municipal Complex ballfields for radioactive contamination. When serious concerns regarding public health are raised, it is essential that government responds without delay.”

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