Citizens group investigating West Lake Landfill soil samples

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BRIDGETON, MO (KTVI)-Off site soil samplings near West Lake Landfill a decade ago have grabbed the attention of concerned citizens. They wonder if there are health risks for people who travel St. Charles rock road.

The group calls itself “Just Moms STL” and they’re looking at documents released in 2005. They say that report raises concerns in 2014

Soil samples collected in 2005 show radiologically impacted material in at least two locations along St. Charles Rock Road west of Interstate 270. The assumption is it was inadvertently deposited as trucks carried contaminated soil from a Hazelwood location to the West Lake Land Fill across the street.

The group believes a surface contamination of thorium is way too high and potentially risky. While the Environmental Protection Agency maintains it’s been successful re-mediated or cleaned up, the citizens group wants someone to own those locations to prevent further spreading off site.

In a statement Tuesday afternoon, a spokesperson for Westlake Landfill stated, “In 2005 the US Army Corps of Engineers issued a Record of Decision setting forth the remedy for the St. Louis North County FUSRAP sites – including haul routes and vicinity properties.  The Missouri Department of Natural Resources concurred on that decision.  Evaluation and cleanup have continued under that Record of Decision.  Further, it is a certain distortion of the data to argue that limited materials on a haul road to the landfill in 2005 in quantities marginally above cleanup levels suggests that the West Lake materials have not been safely contained at West Lake.”

Also, the barrier wall to keep the nearby fire from reaching radioactive material, the construction schedule has not been finalized. We’ll keep you posted.

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