Community Action Group (CAG) Meeting, 06/16/2014

West Lake CAG Will Review And Comment On Technical Documents And Plans Related To The Environment Studies And Cleanup Activities At West Lake Landfill And To Relay Information Between EPA And The Community About The Ongoing Activities At West Lake Landfill In Bridgeton, Mo.

Community Meeting with EPA Region 7 and Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) to discuss issues concerning a preliminary draft report on a proposed barrier trench to be placed in the Bridgeton North Quarry Landfill to stop the Fire/Sub-surface smoldering event (SSE) from reaching the West Lake Landfill which contains illegally dump nuclear waste from the Manhattan Project. Also discussed was testing done by the EPA at a local community complex which is 0.8 miles north of the West Lake Landfill that had some usual gamma readings when tested by a local group due to concern of local citizen on the safety of this site.

Author: Moms

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