EPA begins tests at Bridgeton Athletic Complex, 05/19/2014

by Bonita Cornute

BRIDGETON, MO (KTVI)-Teams are gathered at the Bridgeton Athletic Complex for Monday night games. But earlier in the day, teams mobilized at the complex for a non-sporting event. They hope to determine if there’s a threat for exposure to radiological material.

Two teams from Midwest office of the Environmental Protection Agency will screen the grounds for contaminants. They spent Monday coordinating the game plan.

The screening is the result of citizens concerns about the possible risk of radioactive material from the nearby West Lake Landfill. The teams will take some surface level readings from a scanner that’s pushed across the surface. They’ll also collect some selective soil samples.

BMAC Sample Locations
Photo from Just Moms STL showing the area’s that they had tested and showed to these locations to the EPA as was reported in the above story.


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