Generic Letter to the Elected Officials

Below is a Generic Letter to the Elected Officials that can be copied and pasted into an email.   Or if you would prefer to send the letter out thorough the postal service you can click on this Generic Letter to the Elected Officials and print the Letter.



Dear Representative:

As your staff has become educated about the serious issues in regards to the radioactive waste at the West Lake Landfill, it is my hope you will see the only logical answer is to have this site turned over to FUSRAP under the direction of the Army Corp of Engineers.

All other sites across St Louis containing this same waste have been or are being remediated under FUSRAP. This site should no longer be isolated just because it was illegally dumped by a for profit private company.

I understand it is a complicated situation, but please keep in mind this radioactive waste does not discriminate against the health of the members of the community affected because of how, why or who put it there.

We have lost so many already and for many more there is no “healthy tomorrow” and while you cannot change the past, you can steer this issue into the hands of an experienced agency to start providing some comfort to this community in knowing that we will be healthy and safe in the future



A Concerned Citizen

Author: Moms

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