In light of the recently published article about additional rad waste found offsite, 04/14/2014

About a month ago, us Mom’s had gotten wind of possible migrating to Bridgeton Municipal Athletic Association BMAC.  We decided it would be in the community’s best interest to test with the money we had available at the time. We had enough funds to get four soil samples. Of those four samples, from what we could tell, nothing came back elevated or a level of concern.

Now however, after learning there has been additional testing occurring, we went to the source to find out what we could. All we know is there were 14 samples taken and 12 of them came back elevated. We have been told, testing took place in various locations such as Spanish Village, BMAC, the canals along the Pattonville Fire Department Administrations Offices, and Rams Park. We DO NOT know the elevated levels, or which areas came back the hottest. All we know is this: Radioactive Toxic Waste Materials Contamination was found off site!  Somewhere OUTSIDE of the magic fence.

April 17, 2014 Community Meeting.2It was in our original plans to discuss the testing the MOMS did at our next meeting Thursday, but with the release of the latest article, we wanted everyone to know where things stood with the Just Moms STL group and our own independent testing. We will be discussing all of this in more detail, as well as our new monitoring equipment in place.

All of our meetings are important, but we feel this is going to be one of the most important meetings we will have to date. Please fill your cars, bring your neighbors, family. Tell everyone about our upcoming meeting. This commUnity has some very critical decisions to be making and we would really like to have input from everyone.

Please attend the CommUnity Meeting, Thursday, International Operating Engineers hall 3449 Hollenburg, Bridgeton, Mo at 6:30pm. See you there!




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