Manhattan Project History in the St Louis and St Charles Area 1942 to Present Day

A Photo Story of the Manhattan Project’s beginning in 1942 the St. Louis Area, starting with Mallinckrodt Chemical Works and the spreading out into the St. Louis North Couty Area and St. Charles County Area where it remains to this day.   All but one site is under the FUSRAP Program; West Lake Landfill.  This Site NEEDS to be under FUSRAP!   West Lake Landfill is not and never has been a licensed Radioactive Waste Site.   This site sits in an Urban Area, on a Flood Plain, in an Earthquake Zone, 1.5 miles from the Missouri River, 8 miles upstream from the North County Water Treatment plant and has be hit by 2 of 3 Tornado’s that have struck the North St. Louis County Region in the past 3 years.


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