Many concerned radioactive material is spreading out from Bridgeton Landfill, 04/28/2014 St. Louis
by Brendan Marks

( – Many are concerned that measures to contain radioactive material inside the Bridgeton Landfill are failing.

A meeting was held Monday evening in St. Charles so that concerned groups, EPA, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, and landfill owner Republic Services could discuss the problem.

Many concerned citizens are frustrated that the public has been kept in the dark about what really is going on.

“The frustrating thing is that work groups like this need to be occurring all over, everybody needs to get into the same room. Put their heads together and work out a solution,” said nearby resident Dawn Chapman.

News 4 has learned that a soil sample taken near the Bridgeton Athletic Complex showed there was a spike in radiation in the area. The results are currently being analyzed by a lab to determine if the levels are dangerous. Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster said he wants the EPA to also test such soil samples.

“It looks like it belongs in Chernobyl, doesn’t look like it belongs in the St. Louis metro area,” said St. Charles County Councilman Joe Cronin.

Cronin called Monday’s meeting because he is concerned that radioactive material could make its way into St. Charles County.

“Downtown St. Charles is just a little over a mile from this site and it’ll impact St. Charles County residents no differently than it will impact St. Louis County residents,” Cronin said.

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