Media Packet for West Lake Landfill

west lake landfill.citizens.20131125

Resources for sending information out to News Organizations, Elected Offical’s and General Public.

West Lake Community Members…It is time for all of us to start focusing our efforts on getting National Media coverage about the situation our Community is facing. You will find a link to a “media packet” that contains the accurate information needed to hopefully grab the attention of the National media outlets at the top of the page.

Please click the link West Lake Landfill.Citizens.20131125 above to open the file and then download it to your computer. Please attach it to your email with the media addresses included here.

Your Subject Line should read: West Lake Landfill in Bridgeton, Missouri is “SCREAMING HOT with Thorium 230”

IMPORTANT****you will need to email this EVERYDAY! Do not stop emailing until we get a positive response! Thanks

— Email Addresses to mail out to:,  Dateline@NBCUNI.COM;;;,,

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