New EPA Analysis: Community Could Be At Risk If Landfill Fire Reaches Radioactive Waste In Bridgeton

Bridgeton And West Lake Landfills
8:32 PM
MON MARCH 31, 2014

A new analysis by scientists at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency suggests there could be risks to area residents if an underground fire were to reach radioactive waste at the West Lake Landfill.

This radiation warning sign is posted on the perimeter fence of the West Lake Landfill in Bridgeton, Mo.
Credit (Sarah Skiold-Hanlin, St. Louis Public Radio)

An underground fire has been smoldering at the adjacent Bridgeton Landfill for more than three years and is now about 900 to 1,000 feet from the radioactive material.

At the request of EPA Region 7 officials in Kansas City, EPA scientists in Cincinnatireviewed a report prepared by a contractor that was hired by Bridgeton Landfill owner, Republic Services, and the other “potentially responsible parties” (PRPs) at the West Lake Superfund Site.

Their Jan. 14 report, by Engineering Management Support, Inc. (EMSI), evaluated what would happen if the underground fire at Bridgeton were to reach the radioactive material at West Lake or if a new “subsurface smoldering event” (SSE) were to develop in the radioactive area.

The new EPA analysis evaluates the conclusions of that EMSI report. You can read the whole analysis here, but these are some of the key points in our own plain-language interpretations:


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