New EPA report on Westlake Landfill sparks concern over worker safety.

by John Bailey Posted on January 28, 2014 at 5:26 PM Updated today at 6:21 PM

( – Tuesday night, new dangers exposed at Bridgeton’s Westlake Landfill have caused worries over worker safety.

The Missouri Coalition for the Environment says EPA testing found large amounts of radioactive material outside the fenced off area meant to protect workers.

The findings could either mean EPA miscalculated the amount of material or it is being spread by ground water, meaning crews are essentially working on top of the material.

Please look at page should say page 4 of 5 Table 2.1-1. Please look at the Typical Baseline Response and the column next to it. You will see that the standard measurement they use here is cpm counts per minute.
The Map is on page 49. You will need to zoom in to see the readings. If you look at the map on the western boundary next to the road is where the GCPT 2-2 is showing 1600 cps @ 34 ft — GCPT1-2 has 1131 cps at 24.4 ft.
Here is the thing…these results are done in cps (counts per second) and so you have to convert them to cpm (counts per minute)…so all you do is you multiply the number by 60..example 94 cps = 94 X 60= 5,640 cpm. If you will notice along the inside of the black fence in area 1 you can see VERY high counts…then move a few feet to the outside and you will see that they haven’t tested for it. Along the South you will see readings in the areas that are again VERY HOT.

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