New Report shows EPA’s own experts disagree on Region 7 assessment of wastes and solution at West Lake Landfill, 07/22/2016

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New Report shows EPA’s own experts disagree on Region 7 assessment of wastes and solution at West Lake Landfill.A new report released by Bob Alvarez and Lucas Hixson draws conclusion from the newly released EPA National Remedy and Review Board critique as well as documents and emails discussing the 2008 decision to cap-and-leave the wastes at West Lake Landfill. This report is short and a must read for everyone. There are links to source documents at the end of the report.This report clearly describes the disastrous decisions being made by Region 7, despite EPA’s own top scientists. This, in fact, is why Missouri’s Federal Representatives and Senators all cast a vote of no confidence in EPA’s ability to successfully manage and remediate the atomic weapons waste at the landfill. Thus, prompting legislation this past fall to take control of the radioactive wastes away from EPA and give jurisdiction to the Army Corps of Engineers FUSRAP.

Based on the linked report, It sounds like EPA’s review board and top scientists have also cast their own vote of no confidence in Region 7.

You can find the report here.

To learn more about FUSRAP and its involvement in St. Louis click here.

To follow the status of bipartisan legislation, HR4100, click here.

Dangerous events that were not considered in the 2008 EPA Record of Decision.An underground fire, or smoldering subsurface event, has been burning since 2010 and is expected to burn for another 5-10 years. This underground fire is the size of 6 football fields. Everyday this fire burns it is inching its way closer to the known nuclear waste. Attorney General Chris Koster warned that a Chernobyl-like event could occur if the fire meets the radioactive waste, i.e. radioactive particles could attach to steam or smoke and be released into the atmosphere.

Cross-Section map of the landfill.

It has been said by the EPA and Republic Services that there is a natural limestone barrier wall preventing the fire from reaching the known nuclear waste. This map shows otherwise.

Surface fire in 2014. The toxic smoke reached nearby Spanish Village neighborhood and surrounding businesses. The fire was not reported by the EPA or Republic Services. A passing-by resident and nearby worker called 911.

Surface fire in 2015. A nearby electrical panel arced sending a spark to the ground below. The fire burned within feet of the radioactive waste sitting on the surface of the landfill. Again, neither the EPA nor Republic Services called 911. It was a tow truck driver passing by the landfill.

Rain water runoff along St. Charles Rock Road. Initially, the public was told it was safe as the water originated from the Bridgeton side of the landfill. This area was later tested and was found to be contaminated with radioactive waste.

Proof of offsite contamination.Thorium 232 and Uranium 235 were found in tree core samples in and around the landfill.

Tree core samples and cross-section map provided by Attorney General Chris Koster. You can find the full AG report here.
Tracking legacy radionuclides in St. Louis, Missouri, via unsupported 210Pb
Marco P.J. Kaltofen, Robert Alvarez, Lucas Hixson

You can find the full report here.

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