West Lake Landfill Teach In Lois Gibbs of CHEJ and Love Canal, 10/04/2014

Just Moms STL
Special Guest: Lois Gibbs

“Of all the sites that I have visited, this is by far the worst.”
Lois Gibbs on West Lake Landfill in Bridgeton

Lois Gibbs, founder of the Center for Health and Environmental Justice (CHEJ) and nominated for the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize, came to St. Louis County to address Community about a smoldering fire has been and still is slowly moving toward radioactive wastes which were illegally dumped at the adjacent West Lake Landfill over 40 years ago.

Lois Gibbs came to St. Louis County, Missouri to help Just Mom’s STL – a Non-Profit Grassroots Organization who have been working over 2 years to bring awareness to the Community and to help them understand what they can do to keep the Communities on both sides of the Missouri River near the West Lake Complex safe from not only the underground Landfill fire with its Toxic non-radioactive fumes, but on what needs to be done to keep that fire from the Nuclear Weapons waste located in an adjacent landfill just 900 feet away.

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