A Meeting with State of Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster

Last night Attorney General Chris Koster and his entire litigation team came to St. Louis for an open, honest, and informal meeting. The purpose of this meeting was to address this communities ongoing concerns about the landfill.

Attending the meeting last night on behalf of the community were, the “moms”, two residents of Spanish Village, Superintendent of Pattonville School District Dr. Mike Fulton, Bridgeton Council Ferd Fetch, State Rep Bill Otto, Gale Thackery with the Fransican Sisters, and the CAG technical advisor. Four of those mentioned above also work within two miles of the landfill.

The Attorney General and his te
am spent 2 hours discussing the critical issues that have developed over the past several months. It has never been more apparent to us moms that this CommUnity is in a very vulnerable situation due to the complexity of what is occurring at this landfill.

While this is very complex and scary for all of us, we finally feel like we have someone fighting for our health and well being. For so long we felt this CommUnity was on its own.
Last night the Attorney General and his legal team gave us a gift of hope and strength.

We understand more than ever that we have a huge fight ahead of us, but we also know we all have an incredible wall of support in place from:

Your Pattonville Fire District First Responders
Your Superintendent of Pattonville School District
Your local SSM Depaul Health System
Your Federal, State, and Local Representatives
We also have the support of Local and National Labor and
We are showered with prayer from head to toe from our Franciscan Sisters of Mary along with many other Sisters across the Nation.

It is now more important than ever that you attend the next CommUnity meeting on September 18th. We will be talking in more detail about the things that were discussed along with other important information you need to hear.

We are very grateful, and thankful to have Attorney General Chris Koster. Him and his team are spending NUMEROUS hours and are working “boots on the ground” doing what they can to assure this CommUnity is protected.
Please let him know how much we appreciate his work, and commitment, as well as his compassion he showed our group last night.


You can send him a message of Thank You to Chris Koster. His twitter ishttps://twitter.com/Koster4Missouri. You can also email or call at Phone: 573-751-3321

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