Republic’s proposed contingency plan for the Westlake Landfill Fire

1048999_2418071933419_855614276_o.jpgThis is the proposed contingency plan that Republic Services turned into the DNR per the Attorney Generals lawsuit agreement! Yes…you are reading this correctly…they want to dig an “Isolation Barrier” in the radioactive area! This is the point where we as a community start to wonder if control of this site should be taken away from REPUBLIC…they CLEARLY are not taken the communities utmost health and safety into consideration. If there is to be ANY digging into the radioactive area it had BETTER be to remove it!!

2 thoughts on “Republic’s proposed contingency plan for the Westlake Landfill Fire”

    1. This should be fixed now…. other than the fact that the contingency plan site is now not working, but it’s linked properly now. 😛

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