Republic submits 2nd contingency plan to MO DNR.

Republic Services has submitted a second ‘Contingency Plan’ to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MO DNR) for dealing with the fire at Westlake Landfill in the event that the fire reaches the Isolation break.  The link to the full contingency plan is located here (in PDF format, so you will need Adobe Reader installed to read it).

Of particular note is page 20, 2nd and 3rd paragraph:

If the above steps confirm sustained readings above 180° F and CO greater than 1,500 ppm at
the GEW well, and suggest that the readings are not the result of a localized SSO that can be
managed and controlled to that specific location, then Bridgeton Landfill will notify the MDNR
SWMP Engineering Section Chief within one business day. The MDNR may wish to observe
confirmatory testing or perform independent testing to confirm the trigger reading.
When Bridgeton Landfill and the MDNR mutually agree that the trigger has been reached, and
whether the triggered occurred north or south of Trigger Line 2, the triggered actions may be
implemented as required by the MDNR. These actions include capping and enhanced GCCS
and/or construction of an isolation barrier depending on the location of the verified trigger gas
well (north or south of Trigger Line 2), as indicated on Table 1 and Figure 4 of this Plan


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