Residents Near Bridgeton Landfill Subject of New Health Survey, 01/21/2016

CBS St. Louis

ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KMOX)Residents around the burning Bridgeton Landfill will be the subject of a new study by the St. Louis County Health Department.  The health department is preparing a survey of residents living near the landfill to determine if they have a higher rate of certain health problems compared to a population elsewhere in the county or state.

“We’re focused on three major issues: Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), and allergy-type symptoms,” says county health director Dr. Faisal Khan. “And this is focused on residents in a 2-mile radius around the Bridgeton Landfill.”  Khan says the study won’t attempt to show a link between the underground landfill fire and health problems, just whether the rate in the area is higher.  The study should get underway in early February, and the department plans to survey about 250 residents.

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