Scott Pruitt on cleaning up last administration’s toxic mess, 05/17/2017

Fox and Friends
Guest: Scott Pruitt, EPA Director
May 17, 2017

May. 17, 2017 – 3:11 – On ‘Fox & Friends,’ the EPA administrator speaks out about contaminated sites left behind by Obama administration.

EPA Director, Scott Pruitt, mentions this about West Lake Landfill:  “…these sites across the country have some uranium and lead, posing great risk to the citizens in those areas.  An example, where the EPA didn’t take any steps at all, we have a site just outside of St. Louis called West Lake that’s taken the EPA 27 years just to make a decision — not to clean it up, but just to make a decision on what should be done.  That’s unacceptable.”

In response to Pruitt being asked “what’s your first target?”, he responded with: “We’re very focused on West Lake.  We have a plan in place that we’re going to announce very soon on West Lake.  So it’s very, very important to make those citizens know that we’re going to take steps to clean up and clean up quickly.”

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