EPA Finds Radiation in West Lake Landfill Runoff, 05/26/2016

CBS St. Louis

The EPA found radiation in the dirt near a drainage ditch on the landfill property near St. Charles Rock Road. Ed Smith of the Missouri Coalition for the Environment is unsure of what to think.

“What I can tell you is, that the site has never been properly tested for radioactivity,” Smith says. “This is just another instance of the EPA finding radioactivity in areas that they had not previously tested until just recently.”

He says it is fair to wonder whether rain is causing radioactive runoff and it has been a concern for the group.

“We know that the radioactive materials at the surface of the landfill … it’s not in barrels, it’s not contained,” Smith says. “The stuff has been sitting at the surface on the landfill for over 40 years exposed to wind and rain.”

Republic Services vice president of communications and public affairs Russ Knocke released a comment on the EPA report.

“This should be good news,” Knocke says. “EPA found no health threats and has ordered further testing.”

The EPA says the last time in the area where they got a hit was tested – in the 1990s – it was not radioactive. They plan to do more soil sampling to follow-up.


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