Just Moms STL — BMAC testing results are in.

(Photo: KSDK)
(Photo: KSDK)
Just Moms STL BMAC testing results are in: We have received our test results from Eberline Lab.
The results confirm that the machine used for the “moms” testing was in fact picking up an elevated level of lead 210 (PB210). These results are QA and QC qualified and followed EPA’s protocol for Chain of Custody.
Just Moms STL and the rest of the CommUnity are thankful that the EPA performed testing at BMAC. We greatly appreciate the release of the GAMMA results last week and are looking forward to their soil sampling results, which will contain sampling for alpha and beta emitters.
The “moms” results have been shared with the EPA. If anyone else would like a copy please let us know.

Eberline Report Cover

1405116 (1) Eberline Analytical _ Oak Ridge Laboratory BMAC Report 06.26.14

1405116 spread sheet of Eberline Analyitical _Oak Ridge Laboratory on BMAC 06.26.2

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