Saint Louis County Department of Health is hiring epidemiologists to study chronic disease issues in St. Louis County

CWC Epidemiologists News Release


EVERYONE….THIS IS GROUNDBREAKING!! Thank you to everyone who shared their health information and that of their loved ones!! Because you were brave enough to share your information, you helped paint the picture of what this legacy of heartache has done to this region! Thank you Jenell Rodden Wright, Angela Helbling, Kim Thone Visintine, Diane Whitmore SchanzenbachKaren NickelHarvey Ferdman, and Leisa Zigman KSDK and all the press that covered this! are seeing history being made! No where in the world has this been done…thank you St. Louis County and Dr. Gunn for your hard work and dedication. This will pave the way for future studies and help countless other communities all over the nation, possible the world!

Author: Moms

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