McGraw Milhaven interview on January 7, 2014 with State Representative Bill Otto on the Bridgeton / West Lake Landfill issue.


State Representative Bill Otto talks with McGraw Milhaven about West Lake Landfill and the obnoxious odors emanating from the Bridgeton Landfill  that is affecting Communities surrounding the landfill.  Plus, the latest ground water report and the newest release from the EPA, that more Radioactive Waste was found at the site that they were not aware of.

Please let the Missouri Department of Natural Resources {MO-DNR}  know if you are experiencing headaches, nausea, respiratory problems from being subjected to this horrendous odor! Attached is the link to log  and you can always find the odor log on the main page of the website.

Please click the link to listen to the interview.


KTRS: Video: Bridgeton Held Hostage by EPA


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