Phone Call with Dr. Helen Caldicott Regarding West Lake Landfill, 05/29/2015

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via Byron DeLear

Today we had an amazing phone call with Dr. Helen Caldicott. Byron DeLear knew her as an acquaintance and was able to set up this call.

Dr. Helen Caldicott

For those of you who don’t know who Dr. Helen Caldicott is, here is a link to her webpage: She is described as “The single most articulate and passionate advocate of citizen action to remedy the nuclear and environmental crises” and knows and has worked with Kay Drey.

She was completely appalled at what is happening at West Lake Landfill and the fact that the nuclear weapons waste has sat there for almost 42 years. She also noted after reading the report authored by Robert Alvarez that we do indeed have the largest amount of Thorium at West Lake than any other site in the world! And that not only is Thorium just as dangerous as Plutonium, but the combination of the toxins being released by the fire and the Thorium creates a synergistic effect and increases the potency of the Thorium by 10 fold.

Dr. Caldicott has looked over many of our West Lake documents as well as the recent health study indicating a childhood brain cancer cluster in the zip code 63043 next to West Lake and the astounding number of cancers throughout ALL of North County. She is very much in favor of an IMMEDIATE solution to West Lake and the expedited clean up of the waste in North County. We spoke with her about her thoughts on a health study.

She indicated that according to the health data she saw from the DHSS and the data they are finding not only with West Lake, but with all of North County we already have the evidence we need. She is going to go through her list of contacts and see who she can get in touch with to help us with legislation.

Overall, it was a very encouraging phone call and I think we have passed the tipping point….now we need to reach out to more people so we can join together and let our voices be heard. Thank you to Byron DeLear for Missouri for setting this call up.

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