Photos of the work on the southwest slope Bridgeton Landfill, Feb. 16, 2014.

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Officials: Bridgeton Landfill didn’t report surface fire


Feb. 17, 2014 — Update – Potential for Odors — Republic Services notified the department late this afternoon of a malfunctioning well in the South Quarry. The gas extraction well (GEW-78) is currently releasing steam that may be visible offsite. Bridgeton Landfill staff expects to complete the repairs to the well this evening. There is the potential for off-site odors until the repair is completed.
Feb. 17, 2014 — Republic Services and their emergency site and contractor teams responded yesterday to a small surface fire on the southwest slope of the Bridgeton Landfill. Republic Services notified the department during the coming week, they will be working to repair infrastructure damaged by the fire.  Republic Services advised that some off-site odor may be detected while the damaged area of the liner is being replaced.The department has instructed Republic Services to continue providing updates both to the department and the public via their website at  Bridgeton Landfill staff indicated they will keep the community updated on repair work and anticipated completion timeframes.

Photos of the southwest slope Bridgeton Landfill, Feb. 16,2014. (Photos courtesy of US EPA and Pattonville Fire Protection District.) 

Feb. 16, 2014 — The department received reports of flames and smoke in the southwest corner of Bridgeton Landfill on Sunday morning, due to a broken methane gas pipe. The fire has been extinguished and Republic Services is conducting repairs and cleanup. Local responders and department staff are on site. At this point no increased emissions have been detected from AreaRae monitors or handheld monitoring devices. The department has instructed Republic Services to continue to update the department and to keep the public informed with regular updates to their website

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