USGS Water Report is out!! Verifies the need to COMPLETE testing and characterization of the North Quarry! 12/17/2014

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-USGS states that radioactive materials could have physically moved into the north and south quarry (USGS pg. 4, 25, 35)

-The report does NOT look at the unnatural ratio of U238 to U235 found even in water wells that are below MCL.

-The report DOES show that the hazardous leachate at the site is in contact with the groundwater and that wells off site are showing increased Radium concentrations.

-The report acknowledges that we have a Radium problem in the groundwater and lists 4 possible hypothesis (1) leaching of radium from radioactively impacted material (RIM) placed at the site during the 1970’s, (2) the radium values detected are within the range of natural groundwater, (3) leaching of radium from non-RIM wastes disposed at the site, and (4) mobilization of naturally occurring radium from aquifer solids by some component of landfill leachate. (pg. 3)

– The radium at the landfill will become more radioactive over the next ~9,000 years due to chemical conversions throughout the uranium purification process for nuclear weapons, yet this appears to have been left out of the report.

Below is from page 79 of the report found at this link:  USGS Ground Water document

1968 1974

The Aerials below show much better images of the above that we have in our files.

March 17, 1968 with Overlay  – images trimmed for closer view — legend information on the 1974 photo following this one.  Entire image can be made available

March 17, 1968 with overlay

May 6, 1974 with Overlay —  See bottom left (in black letters) the legend  – bottom right is photo image date


MMay 6, 1974 with overlay

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